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Some activities are organized by Stevenson Learning Skills, and some are organized by schools, school systems or educational agencies. Those organized by Stevenson Learning Skills are open to the public. The others might be public or might be restricted on to the members of the organizing group. The descriptions below will specify if attendance is limited to a particular group. Once you register for a Stevenson-organized workshop, we will send more details about times and locations. If you have any questions or if you would like more detailed information about locations or registration, please call us at 1-800-343-1211.

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

Florida - Wesley Chapel Free Support Session

February 25, 2015
Wesley Chapel Hampton Inn and Suites

This free afternoon session will run from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.  It is designed specifically for any teacher who already uses the Stevenson Reading Program and/or for teachers who have attended previous Stevenson workshops given in the Pasco County Public Schools.  Managing Editor, Bill Stevenson, will discuss special situations and demonstrate strategies for specific learning problems, as well as answer whatever questions the group may have.  This is an excellent opportunity to discuss issues not covered in the manuals, or to get clarification on strategies that are.  Register through Stevenson Learning Skills website.    

Ohio Overlapping Strategy Full-Day

March 5, 2015
Columbus, OH

Dr. Tom Diebold will present a full-day workshop titled ~ Stevenson Overlapping Strategy for Grades 4-8. This will be held at the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio.  Please register through www.escofcentralohio.org and click "view upcoming professional development" in the box to the right.  Scroll down to date under ELA Common Core.  ESC members will be charged $149 and non-members will be charged $179. You can also contact Sandy Denney at 614-542-4111, or email Sandy.denney@escco.org.  The registration fee includes an Overlapping Strategy Teacher's Manual and Student Book for each participant which will allow you to implement the program right away.

Free Q&A / Support Session - Columbus, OH

April 16, 2015
ESC of Central Ohio, Columbus

Bill Stevenson will host a Q&A / support session with Tom Diebold.  The session is specifically intended for people who are already using the program, or teachers who have been to previous workshops.  Bill will discuss individual situations, challenging learning problems and unpublished strategies.  Tom will share his experience with schools that have implemented Stevenson. Participants can also share ideas.  Space limited.  Register on SLS web site.  


Western, OH - Afternoon Q&A and Support Session POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS

May 8, 2015
Darke County ESC - Greenville, OH

Bill Stevenson, the Managing Editor of the Stevenson Reading Program, will host an afternoon of Q&A and support.  He can offer suggestions for special situations, as well as extensions to the program.  This session is designed for people who are already using the Stevenson Porgram or for people who have been to a workshop previously (such as in the morning).  There is no charge.  If you register through this website, we will send you confirmation and directions to the location.  If you prefer, you can also RSVP to Kelly at the ESC, 937-548-4915.  Time - 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.

Western, OH - Morning Introduction to Stevenson POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS

May 8, 2015
ESC of Darke County - Greenville, OH

Greenville, OH

Bill Stevenson, Managing Editor of the Stevenson Reading Program, will give an introductory workshop on the program at the Darke County ESC.  Stevenson is a valuable alternative for struggling readers.  No fee.  If you register through this website, we will send you a confirmation with directions to the location.  If you prefer, you can also RSVP to Kelly at the ESC, 937-548-4915.  Time - 9:00 to 11:30 A.M.  


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