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The Multipurpose Multisyllable Books

As the title suggests, these books serve several purposes.  Below you will find three PDF files that contain drafts of early sections of the books.  We suggest you read the top PDF file first, titled The Role of the Multipurpose Multisyllable Books in the Stevenson Program and When to Use Them.  Then you can examine Lesson One of the teacher's manual, the second PDF file.  The third PDF file is a copy of the student's material.  We intend to add a new lesson every month or two.

This material will eventually be published in book form.  You may download, print or photocopy the PDF files below, but only for instructional purposes.  This material is copyrighted.  You have temporary permission to use the files as part of the Stevenson Program.  You are not allowed to distribute them beyond your own instructional use or to use them for profit.  Once the Multipurpose Multisyllable Teacher's Manual and Student Book are published in standard book form on paper, permission to use these free web-based resources will no longer be available. 

The Role of The MM Books.pdf143.21 KB
LessonOne.pdf362.62 KB
MMStudentBook.pdf92.47 KB


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